Sunday, January 07, 2007

Today's agenda

Sorry things have been a little slow on here over the last couple of weeks - Christmas happened, then I was on holiday over New Year. It turns out that there wasn't a computer at the top of the mountain where I was. Had a great time though, and I'm raring to take on Labour in May.

Today, I'll be out and about round Ladywood taking the photos for this month's leaflet. I'm tempted to go on the offensive regarding Labour's recent activities in the area: this year's candidate Albert Bore has recently been appointed Chair of University Hospital Birmingham by a four-person panel which was selected by a former Labour Councillor and contained another former Labour councillor, a current Labour Councillor and a known Labour supporter. This additional workload is bound to affect how much time he can give to the people of Ladywood.

There also seem to be some strange goings-on in Ladywood's Constituency Labour Party. Elaina Cohen, a defector from the Conservatives, has recently taken up an official position and looks to be manoeuvring to be Labour's next Parliamentary Candidate after Clare Short goes...

(Thanks to Duncan Borrowman for the image.)


Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Just to say I like your blog and have added a link to mine if that's OK with you.

All the best for 2007!

Peter Smallbone said...

Of course! Will do the same. Thanks!


Praguetory said...

Lynne Jones will not be contesting Ladywood or any other Birmingham seat next time. See my site for more.