Monday, October 29, 2007

Quinton Ward Gets Greener – Again!

I'm delighted to announce the continued success of the Quinton Green-Up Campaign.

We planted over 600 trees in Quinton ward during the previous two years, and this year sees another 200. Trees improve air quality, enhance the street scene and increase the amount of local wildlife. This campaign is greatly improving the environment for thousands of residents across Quinton ward. It’s yet another example of your local Conservative team delivering results on the ground.

Next to get the green-up treatment is the area around Wedgewood Rd, Faraday Rd and World’s End Lane. The team will also be picking up some other roads, including some that need to be finished off from last year.

Everyone living in the target areas will be given prior notice and have the opportunity to comment before work starts.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Brown Fritters?

'Frit' is a Lincolnshire colloquialism for 'frightened', made famous by Margaret Thatcher in 1983. She was accusing Labour's Denis Healey of being frightened of her calling a General Election.

On Wednesday, I returned from Conservative Party Conference, buoyed up by David Cameron's great speech. Any accusations that he lacks substance were firmly put to bed - there were plenty of policy proposals, incuding raising the threshold for inheritance tax and stamp duty. We're going to pay for this by a flat rate tax on so-called 'non-doms' - typically very rich people who live in the UK but don't pay normal tax for various reasons.

Labour's playing a very cynical game on this. Before we announced our policy, the (Labour-run) Treasury claimed that they didn't have any figures on non-doms. But when we announced it, Labour said that our sums didn't add up, based on figures magically obtained from the Treasury! The reality is that we've come up with some well researched, well costed policies and they're using every trick they can to try and undermine them.

Well, it won't work and the British public won't fall for it. So Mr Brown, why don't you call the election - we're ready. Or are you frit?

UPDATE 06/10/2007: He's bottled it!