Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend Survey

Along with some other local Conservatives, I spent some time over the weekend surveying parts of Ladywood ward. I spoke to loads of local people and I was very interested in what they had to say. I'm trying to get round all of the ward before the election, so if I haven't come knocking yet, chances are I will!

On a different subject, I'd like to welcome Cllr Stephen Bentley who has left Labour and joined the Conservatives on Telford & Wrekin Council over the weekend, citing disillusionment with the Labour administration. The Conservatives are making constant progress in our region against a backdrop of Labour waste and failure - welcome Cllr Bentley!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Target: Kings Norton

Kings Norton (its park is above) is a ward in the South of Birmingham, and it's one we're going to win on 3rd May. We have a strong candidate in Barbara Wood, and to show my support I'll be leafleting there tomorrow morning. We're all meeting up at about 10.30 am - if you'd like to join us, please drop me a line...

UPDATE 18/02/2007: Yesterday's leafleting went very well - the only snag was that my MP3 player ran out of power before the end...

Monday, February 05, 2007

Ladywood Ward Committee - second post

A few more details have emerged about the next Ladywood Ward Committee:
  • Saturday 10th February at 10.00 am
  • St. John's and St Peter's Church, Darnley Road, B16 8TF (
  • Agenda items include a swimming pool for Ladywood ward and a discussion of the Icknield Port Loop development. Download the full agenda at
Again, the cheek of the Labour councillors never ceases to amaze me. In power for twenty years, their only achievement was to close Ladywood's only swimming pool at Monument Road. Now that they realise the Conservative-led administration is here to stay, it's on the agenda faster than you can say 'no petting'. Coincidence..?

Also, let's hope that Cllr Hartley controls the meeting a bit better and stops it being used as a sandpit for one or two, and enables it to be a forum for all.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Conference comes to Ladywood ward!

Yesterday, Conservative Chairman Francis Maude MP offically announced that the 2008 and 2010 Party Conferences will be held at the ICC, in our own ward of Ladywood. Francis Maude commented, 'Following the success of our 2006 Spring Forum in Manchester, we are delighted to be bringing our main conference to England's second city.'

This is a massive vote of confidence in Birmingham and its Conservative-led Council under Mike Whitby. The Conference is likely to generate about £20 million of economic activity for the ward and the surrounding area.

I can but wonder whether our own hugely successful City Branch drinks event last December played some small part in the decision...

UPDATE 05/02/2007: Watch The Stirrer's interview with Francis Maude and Mike Whitby about the announcement at

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Terrorism-related arrests

I just want to say a few words about the recent arrests in Birmingham under the Terrorism Act. We live in an uncertain and unstable world, and threats can come from anywhere. The police have clearly been working hard behind the scenes in difficult and challenging circumstances. If what we've been hearing in the media is true, the police have foiled a very serious plot and they deserve our gratitude.

For obvious reasons, the police have to remain quite tight-lipped about some of the specifics, in case it affects ongoing operations or the due process of law. However, West Midlands Police did release a statement earlier via the Key Individual Network. You can read the statement at

If you'd like to join the KIN to receive this kind of information, please go to

At times like these, it can be tempting to believe that the police are deliberately targetting one community or another. However, nothing could be further from the truth - it's just that the nature of the threat means that sometimes it can look that way on the surface. The police are trying to protect us all and and they continue to have my full support.