Monday, January 30, 2006

Funny Form

If you've not registered to vote yet (tut tut!), you can download the voter registration form here:

Only thing is, the top of the first page says 'See notes overleaf before completing this form', but the second page is blank. I've contacted the Elections Office about this, so watch this space..!

Update (01/02/2006): As a result of my inquiry, the Elections Office will be republishing the form on their website to include both pages. You can use the existing version if you want, as only the first page is required for registration. Sorted!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Who cares about Ladywood?

I've spent a 'challenging' hour or two this afternoon, trying to compile a definitive list of organisations that are relevant to Ladywood ward. You'd have thought that all this information might be in a big list on the Ladywood sections of, but no. So who cares about Ladywood? These people - I'm sure this list will grow too:

Ladywood ward site:

Ladywood district site:

Ladywood District Community Safety Group:

Ladywood District Strategic Partnership:

Birmingham Strategic Partnership (Ladywood):

Ladywood Community Network:

Ladywood Youth Empowerment Network:

Please note that 'Ladywood' in a local goverment sense can mean one of two things: Ladywood the ward (where I'm standing) and Ladywood the district (consisting of Aston, Ladywood, Nechells and Soho wards) - some relate to the former, others to the latter...

Friday, January 27, 2006

The City Branch is born! Well, almost...

A bunch of us got together last night and arranged a date for the formal launch and committee election of the City Branch of the Conservative Party in Birmingham (I'm not going to call it the 'Birmingham City Branch' because I'm a Villa fan!). It's scheduled for Thursday 19th February at 7pm, round my place (email me at for more details).

Up until now, the City Branch has consisted of semi-regular drinky do's in various city centre bars - now that we have a regular attendance, it's time to put it onto a formal footing and schedule some proper social, community and fundraising events.

The City Branch is intended to have a city-wide view with a city centre focus. We mainly consist of young professionals who live and/or work in the city centre, but of course we're interested in hearing from anyone who wants to get more involved in the Conservative Party and meet like-minded people.

I'm really encouraged by the positive start and I have high hopes that we can be a positive and vibrant force, both in the Party and in the community!

Where's the Ward Committee..?

So there I was, eager to attend the next Ladywood Ward Committee meeting. A Ward Committee is where anyone in the ward can turn up and voice anything they want to the people responsible for the ward. I really want to learn about what others in the ward think is good, bad, whatever.

It turns out that the next Ward Committee meeting hasn't been scheduled yet. Ah well...

One of the first things I'd do is have a 12-month rolling schedule of when the Ward Committees take place, so everyone (consituents, Councillors, Council Officers) knows well in advance when they're going to happen and can plan to be there.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Hello! Two days ago, I was selected to stand as the prospective Conservative candidate in the ward of Ladywood in Birmingham. I thought it might be a good idea to start a blog to track my thoughts, progress and so on until election day in May.

Since I got the official endorsement, I've been spending my time pouring over maps of the ward, reading ward development plans and coming up with policies and a campaign plan. I've lived in the ward for a few years now (and the city nearly all my life!), and I know that my own experiences, and the experiences of others I know in the area, will be a great help.

I'm really looking forward to the challenge. Watch this space!