Monday, January 30, 2006

Funny Form

If you've not registered to vote yet (tut tut!), you can download the voter registration form here:

Only thing is, the top of the first page says 'See notes overleaf before completing this form', but the second page is blank. I've contacted the Elections Office about this, so watch this space..!

Update (01/02/2006): As a result of my inquiry, the Elections Office will be republishing the form on their website to include both pages. You can use the existing version if you want, as only the first page is required for registration. Sorted!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I'd better get a move on! The deadline for registering for this May's elections is soon, isn't it?

Peter Smallbone said...

Thanks for reading my blog! Yes, you need to get it done by 31st March! Pete

Duncan said...

Not sure I can wish you luck... Hope you enjoy it, and well done for trying to get the turnout up.

You tory swine! ;o)

Peter Smallbone said...

I've a fair idea who left this last comment, and I must say I feel quite chuffed to get at least a half-endorsement from a former Labour candidate!