Friday, January 27, 2006

The City Branch is born! Well, almost...

A bunch of us got together last night and arranged a date for the formal launch and committee election of the City Branch of the Conservative Party in Birmingham (I'm not going to call it the 'Birmingham City Branch' because I'm a Villa fan!). It's scheduled for Thursday 19th February at 7pm, round my place (email me at for more details).

Up until now, the City Branch has consisted of semi-regular drinky do's in various city centre bars - now that we have a regular attendance, it's time to put it onto a formal footing and schedule some proper social, community and fundraising events.

The City Branch is intended to have a city-wide view with a city centre focus. We mainly consist of young professionals who live and/or work in the city centre, but of course we're interested in hearing from anyone who wants to get more involved in the Conservative Party and meet like-minded people.

I'm really encouraged by the positive start and I have high hopes that we can be a positive and vibrant force, both in the Party and in the community!

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