Thursday, October 25, 2012

Matt to Talk about his Plans to Re-open Quinton Police Station

Matt Bennett (centre), the local Conservative candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner, will be visiting Quinton soon to talk about his plans to re-open the local police station to the public.

If you’d like to talk to Matt about this or any other issue, come along to St Boniface Church Hall, Quinton Road West, B32 2QD, on Tuesday 6th November. Matt will be there from 7.30pm until 9pm.

Matt’s Five Pledges to You
  1. Introduce zero tolerance policing of crime and antisocial behaviour
  2. Ensure the Police spend more time on the streets and at the times and places where crime is highest
  3. Keep local police stations and front desks OPEN!
  4. Introduce a contract with the public, setting out what residents can expect from the police when a crime is reported
  5. Meet regularly with the public across the whole West Midlands by holding at least one public meeting every fortnight
Home Secretary Theresa May has just released this short video, which explains more about the role of PCCs...

Friday, June 29, 2012

Open Primary for Conservative Nomination for West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner

Many people still don't realise it, but in November everyone in the West Midlands will get to vote for their Police and Crime Commissioner. This is a seriously important role with the power to set the police budget and to hire and fire the Chief Constable.

Labour selected their candidate, someone representing everything that's wrong with the current governance arrangements, via an opaque and uninspiring process. In contrast, the Conservatives are selecting our candidate via a series of open primaries, where anyone who's registered to vote in the West Midlands can come along and vote on the selection. You don't need to be a member of any political party - just register, turn up and vote.

Your choice is between Matt Bennett, until recently a Birmingham Councillor and Executive Member for Children's Social Care, and Joe Tildesley, a Solihull Councillor and retired police officer.

The four primaries take place as follows. All start at 7pm prompt:

  • 4th July: Erdington
  • 5th July: Walsall
  • 10th July: Halesowen
  • 11th July: Solihull

Email to register and for further details.

For more information, read the story on the Birmingham Conservatives website or have a look at Dominic Fisher's article on Conservative Home.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Thanks For Your Support

Thanks to everyone who supported me in yesterday's election and I'm sorry we fell short of victory.

It's been a genuine privilege to represent the people of Quinton ward over the last four years and I hope that I may have the opportunity again some time in the future.

Now for a short holiday...

Thursday, May 03, 2012

You have until 10pm to vote in TODAY's Local Elections

Please Support Me Today 

Whether it's protecting our parks from traveller camps, action on rubbish collections or fighting antisocial late-opening off-licences, I've worked hard for Quinton and Harborne over the past four years.

If you re-elect me today, I promise to keep working hard for you over the next four years.

Please use your vote to support me - polls are open until 10pm tonight.

Peter Smallbone

Promoted by Len Clark on behalf of Peter Smallbone, both of 1 Lyncourt Grove, Quinton, B32 1DG.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Please Support Me Tomorrow

The local elections take place tomorrow, and I’m asking for your support. I’m proud of my record and proud of what I’ve achieved for Quinton and Harborne:

  1. I’ve delivered protection from traveller camps for all of our local parks and green spaces.
  2. I’ve fought against mobile phone masts – not just for the sake of it, but when they would be unsightly or pose an unnecessary risk – and I’ve been successful in two out of three campaigns.
  3. I’ve worked hard to resist closures of the front desks at Quinton Road West and Rose Road police stations. Eight more Officers have just been relocated to Quinton Road West.
  4. I’ve tackled the problem of late-opening off-licences in the area and the antisocial problems associated with them. Two applications were withdrawn after I organised petitions against them.
  5. And I’m not afraid to stand up to my own Council, for example about problems with refuse collections or plans to build houses on the Martineau Centre’s playing fields, if I believe it’s in the best interests of local people.

There’s still more to do, and I’d love the opportunity to keep working hard for Quinton and Harborne. If I’m re-elected:

  1. I will make sure that the investigation I demanded into Quinton and Harborne’s rubbish collections is completed and see that the findings are implemented – fully.
  2. I will fight for restrictions on antisocial drinking on local streets, where there is clear support from residents.
  3. I will continue to work hard to make sure that Quinton and Harborne gets its fair share of the tax we’re paying.
  4. I will stand up to the Council, whichever party is in charge, to safeguard the Martineau Centre and its playing fields.
  5. I will argue for another Council Tax freeze.

Please use your vote to give Quinton and Harborne a bright future.

Polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm (not the other way round as a small number of my leaflets recently claimed!)

Promoted by Len Clark on behalf of Peter Smallbone, both of 1 Lyncourt Grove, Quinton, B32 1DG