Saturday, February 03, 2007

Conference comes to Ladywood ward!

Yesterday, Conservative Chairman Francis Maude MP offically announced that the 2008 and 2010 Party Conferences will be held at the ICC, in our own ward of Ladywood. Francis Maude commented, 'Following the success of our 2006 Spring Forum in Manchester, we are delighted to be bringing our main conference to England's second city.'

This is a massive vote of confidence in Birmingham and its Conservative-led Council under Mike Whitby. The Conference is likely to generate about £20 million of economic activity for the ward and the surrounding area.

I can but wonder whether our own hugely successful City Branch drinks event last December played some small part in the decision...

UPDATE 05/02/2007: Watch The Stirrer's interview with Francis Maude and Mike Whitby about the announcement at

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Cllr Mike Flower said...

Excellent news for Birmingham, and the West Midlands as a whole. Great to see us back on the party's map.