Friday, October 05, 2007

Brown Fritters?

'Frit' is a Lincolnshire colloquialism for 'frightened', made famous by Margaret Thatcher in 1983. She was accusing Labour's Denis Healey of being frightened of her calling a General Election.

On Wednesday, I returned from Conservative Party Conference, buoyed up by David Cameron's great speech. Any accusations that he lacks substance were firmly put to bed - there were plenty of policy proposals, incuding raising the threshold for inheritance tax and stamp duty. We're going to pay for this by a flat rate tax on so-called 'non-doms' - typically very rich people who live in the UK but don't pay normal tax for various reasons.

Labour's playing a very cynical game on this. Before we announced our policy, the (Labour-run) Treasury claimed that they didn't have any figures on non-doms. But when we announced it, Labour said that our sums didn't add up, based on figures magically obtained from the Treasury! The reality is that we've come up with some well researched, well costed policies and they're using every trick they can to try and undermine them.

Well, it won't work and the British public won't fall for it. So Mr Brown, why don't you call the election - we're ready. Or are you frit?

UPDATE 06/10/2007: He's bottled it!


Anonymous said...

Hi T Bone and Lobster Face,took your advice and took some grammar lessons .I now know singulars from plurals,nouns from pronouns and verbs from adverbs.I`m having trouble though with my prats from my twats,which one are you?
Heard you`d done a runner from Spark..... and joined two other runners,clark and james.Clark was a fully paid up member of the labour party but did a runner when they became unelectable,james not so much did a runner but was kicked out of Bartley Green by Lines and moves were afoot to expell her from the party. What could she have done? ask Bruce or Viv they`ll be happy to fill you in.Lobster face ,did you contribute anything to the debate on NRF replacement or did you miss the meeting as well ,you don`t seem to do much for your 15K a bit like james ,just takes her 15K per year and does nothing,at least clark does a bit,but he is on 35K
Rumour has it you have a mole in the camp who is going to do to you what he/she did to your candidate in Ken`s old Ward (Brandwood)

Gareth said...

Your spelling, however, remains execrable.

The content hasn't much improved either. The usual mixture of yesterday's news; school yard insults and absurd threats.

Anonymous said...

Oops, strike a nerve did I ? And swallowed a dictionary
Lobster Face.You legal types love to use words with a Latin root,pity you didn`t take much notice of your English prof ,its an adjective Lobster face and you should know you don`t end a sentence with an adjective!
Still you snobby Tory Boys like to impress people and you only invite "young professionals" to your city branch! No room in the Tory party for middle aged carpenters and plumbers then? Ever wondered why you can`t win a general election?
Anyway back to your comments,I would have been more impressed if you had used any of the following
Flagitious. I would suggest you enrol for a course in
PS Made a cuppal of spelling misteaks to give you and T Bone somefing to do

Gareth said...

Your knowledge of English grammar continues to be risible and your vocabulary seems to include a wholly invented word. Once again, school yard insults are your stock in trade. If you had any guts at all, of course, you'd tell us who you were.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lobster face you`re starting to get a bit twitchy,you must be a real saddo if all you can do is accuse me of school yard insults,facts are facts.What difference will it make if you know who I am? However I`ll tell you,my alter ego is Mike Easterby and you can get me on 0776692377?
By the way cant T Bone speak for himself or is he too busy doing his impression of a Womble around Quinton? Think I`ll call him Smallbrain from now on.How about this on an election leaflet.Your local Quinton team
1.Former card carrying Labour party member who fancies being Lord Mayor.
2.De selected Bartley Green Councillor with a brain the size of a peanut and the intellect of a stoat.
3.The Gay (allegedly)(oops spelling!!!) son of a used car salesman from Sparkhill.
Here`s something to chew on,in an early 1990`s John Hopkins University study out 104 occupations it was found that legal beagles were 3.6 times above the average rate of depression sufferers and you are natural pessimists.So Lobster face just calm down,its only a game!!!!

Gareth said...

Your rhetorical style isn't exactly Cicero is it 'Mike'? More sub-juvenile insults: "a brain the size of a peanut". My 4 year old nephew could do better. What a very dull person you must be.

Smallbone supporter said...

Not that it's any of anon.'s business, but I don't think Pete is gay and I'm not sure his Dad's from Sparkhill either...

Gareth said...

You're right 'Smallbone supporter', Pete certainly isn't gay. Interesting thought that 'Mike' thought being gay an insult to be banded around. No civilised person would. Perhaps he's in the BNP rather than the Labour Party?

George Calthorpe said...

Mr Easterby, assuming that's who you are.

Your personal attacks on various individuals suggest you are in need of help.

I am minded to pass your telephone number to WMP, as in my opinion your obvious homophobia suggests that you are a danger to the public.

I am on your trail old chap.