Tuesday, January 23, 2007

City and Sandwell General Hospitals: What's happening

Last night, I attended a public meeting at Ladywood Arts & Leisure Centre, discussing the changes at City Hospital and Sandwell General Hospital. Neither is in Ladywood ward, but we're reliant on these hospitals providing a good service.

It's fair to say that the meeting wasn't well attended; this goes for the Ladywood Labour councillors too, none of whom was there.

You can find full details of the proposals at
http://www.towards2010swb.nhs.uk/. In summary:
  • Concentrate inpatient planned general, orthopaedic and some other surgery at City.

  • Concentrate inpatient emergency general/trauma and inpatient lower bowel surgery at Sandwell.

  • Create a PDU (Paediatric Assessment Unit) at City.

  • Concentrate children's overnight stays at Sandwell.

  • Level 1 neonatal unit at Sandwell.

  • Level 2 neonatal unit for younger, sicker babies at City.
I asked a question about recruitment of nursing, medical and other staff from developing countries - I don't think we should be depriving these countries of this essential resource, and we should be capable enough of providing our own. I was told that there is no barrier to recruiting anyone from any country. Strange, because I thought that the Labour government had announced a moratorium on recruitment from developing countries. Can anyone shed any light on this?


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Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Hi Pete, I think it's great you went along to hear about your local hospitals - shame more people did not attend. The NHS has relied upon doctors and nurses from other countries for many years, especially during the time hospitals were trying to comply with the EWTD (European Working Time Directive). During that period there was an acute shortage of medical staff, and there was a global talent drain to the UK. Since then the UK trained more doctors - but it has taken a while for them to be trained (average doctor training is 5 years). Perhaps ironically now more UK doctors have been trained we are now looking at job cuts and an excess of junior doctors. It seems action was taken in 'a knee jerk reflex' kind of way rather than planning. Great blog Pete. All the very best. Michelle

Louis said...

Although the consultations are finished, the City Hospital Supporters Group are keeping up pressure opposing the interim reconfiguration proposals. You may be interested in popping by supportcityhospital.blogspot.com and keeping up to date with the campaign.