Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Goodbye Clare

If the reports are true, Ladywood's MP Clare Short will be standing down at the next election. But who wants a lame duck? Maybe she should do what her leader should be doing: going now. You can read my further thoughts on this (and the thoughts of others) by following the link...

Update 14/09/2006: Despite being known in the blogosphere since the start of the week, this information has finally made the national media. One of the more bizzarre reports I heard today is that Clare Short will be campaigning for a deliberate hung Parliament. Surely this can't be true... can it..?


Praguetory said...
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Praguetory said...

Some people (including some of your constituents) might think that you're wasting your time in Ladywood. This shows you're not. How about this for a dream scenario slate for the next Ladywood election?
Peter Smallbone (Conservative) Clare Short (Independent)
Official Labour Candidate (Labour)
A N Other Islamist (Respect)
Lib Dem Anon (LibDem)

Peter Smallbone said...

Well, the thought had flashed across my mind..!