Thursday, November 04, 2010

Recycling Queries

A couple of recycling queries were mentioned at the last Quinton Ward Committee - here's an update.

Recycling at Wellington Court on Brook Lane. Council officers have visited Wellington Court and spoken to the staff. The staff are are trying to identify a suitable area to place recycling bins without having too much of an impact on the grounds. They will contact the Council once they identify a suitable location.

Recycling on Barnwood Road. The Council officers are preparing a leaflet with all of the necessary information, which will go out to all properties from tomorrow onwards.


Environament Clean Partner said...

Good job by the authorities, People should show some responsibility towards our environment and stop littering.

Anonymous said...

Do you think your friend from your city branch (lobster face) should resign his seat or will you tory boys close ranks.Straight answer please.