Sunday, August 08, 2010

Planned Mobile Phone Mast Outside Toby Carvery (aka The Hollybush), Hagley Road West

I have recently been informed that Vodafone plans to install a 48-foot-high mobile phone mast outside Toby Carvery (aka The Hollybush), Hagley Road West.

I went down there today to investigate; the mast would be located between the phone box and the bus shelter on the left hand side of this photo.

The mast would be located at the following distances from local schools and nurseries.

1. Happy Days Nursery: 0.2 miles
2. Woodhouse School: 0.5 miles
3. World’s End Primary School: 0.6 miles
4. Four Dwellings Primary and Secondary Schools: 0.7 miles
5. Our Lady of Fatima School: 0.8 miles
6. Grasshoppers Nursery: 0.8 miles
7. Welsh House Farm Primary School: 1 mile

If you would like to object to these plans, please complete the petition at

Alternatively, return a paper version of the petition at No stamp is required.


Jon Bounds said...

Don't quite see what the school distances have to do with the mast placement?

From the WHO:

"exposure to the radiofrequency (RF) fields emitted by mobile phones is generally more than a 1000 times higher than from base stations, and the greater likelihood of any adverse effect being due to handsets"

"No recent national or international reviews have concluded that exposure to the RF fields from mobile phones or their base stations causes any adverse health consequence"

Anonymous said...

And how many of the kids that attend these schools have a mobile phone,just trying to show you care T Bone !!!! First James then clark then you!!

Antony Clewer said...

I 100% DO NOT want this mast as it will make Quinton look a massive eyesore.

Anonymous said...

Please everyone get behind this and sign this petition, we do not want this on our doorsteps!

Anonymous said...

Have been informed that the council have no objections to the mast so it looks like the good folks of Quinton are going to be landed with an horrendous eyesore. Birmingham City Council have no objections to these masts as Mike Whitby said they are "cash cows" Bir. Council you are a disgrace. Perhaps Mike Whitby would like a mast put up outside his home, or even better perhaps it should go where the sun does not shine.

Bir. Council think of other ways of building up your revenue, rather than at the expense of people's health.

Can we carry on petitioning for this mast not to be erected?