Friday, May 22, 2009

Harborne Pool Taking Shape

On Wednesday, nearly all of the Councillors across the Constituency met to discuss important local issues.

Top of the list was Harborne Pool, which the Conservative-led Council is committed to rebuilding on its current site. The pool is very popular with Quinton ward residents, especially those who live in the 'B17' part of the ward.

I inspected the plans along with fellow Quinton Councillors Jane James and Len Clark (pictured). There are some very interesting features, including fitness rooms and a grassed roof.

I asked some questions about the suitability of the building in an urban context. A lot of wood is being used externally to improve the visual impact of the building, and I was interested to know how easily any graffiti could be removed from wood. I was informed that the wood facings would not be used on the ground floor. I also asked what features are being designed in to prevent the flat areas, kerbs and so on being poached by skateboarders, and I was assured that this will be addressed at the detailed design stage.

A lot of thought has gone into the plans, and I look forward to the day when residents of Quinton, Harborne and elsewhere can enjoy our new pool.

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