Sunday, March 08, 2009

Welsh House Farm Off-Licence Application

Quinton's Parliamentary Spokesman Cllr Deirdre Alden, Quinton Councillor Len Clark and I met with Welsh House Farm residents yesterday to discuss an alcohol licence application from Wisley Way News. The shop has applied to sell alcohol from 8am to 10pm, seven days a week.

The residents we spoke to were very concerned that this would lead to a rise in antisocial behaviour, just when we're starting to see improvements in Welsh House Farm. We've recently improved much of the Council housing in the area. We've coated local cable TV boxes with anti-graffiti paint. And of course, Conservative activists from all over the country renovated a local community centre in the 'We Love WHF' project.

There's a petition going round to object to the proposals and I've asked the Police to consider their views on the application too.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Smallbone, I have lived on the welsh farm estate for 4 years and was dead against the shop in wisley way selling alcohol, i even signed your petition posted through my door. But they were still granted the license and been selling alcohol for about a year.

At the time i went to the shop to tell the young man behind the counter (Mr Raseed) about my feelings and concerns, mainly regarding that wisley way becoming like little Iraq (Blandford Road)
He seemed to understand my concerns and reassured me that this will not be the case. he also explained his plans for expanding his business to meet the needs of the community. I left the shop admiring his commitment, but unassured he could stop the problems witch plague the blandford road shops.

I pass the shop everyday and only shop there if i have to. In these last few days with the snow outside i shop there a lot and i must say i admire mr raseed, Not only has he kept the riffraff away bt has also helped the local community especially the older people more than anyone i know in the area. Last night i saw him talking to some teenagers who were throwing snowballs at random people, they seemed to be listening to him and apologizing. This was not even outside his shop, it was nutfield walk!

Seeing this for the last few days has prompted me to finally leave a comment on your blog and i must say that maybe we should listen and trust prominent members of the community.

s edwards
76 wisley way