Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Clangers

I came home from Full Council a couple of hours ago and tonight was a spirited affair. Doubtless the main debates will be covered by others so I just want to point out a couple of clangers dropped by none other that the leader and deputy leader of the Council's Labour group.

Sir Albert Bore told us about someone who's apparently been paying rent on a three-bedroom Council property where only two of the bedrooms are accessible. If true, this needs to be sorted out, but he also mentioned that this has been going on for the last fifteen years. That means eleven years under the old Labour administration!

Ian Ward then admitted that his constituency of Hodge Hill had intentionally overspent their budget to avoid 'their' money being taken off them the following year! Deliberately overspending taxpayers' money to get even more taxpayers' money - appalling, but sadly a typical Labour attitude.

Anyway, I'm off to watch an election. Let's hope there might be another one closer to home before long.

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