Monday, March 12, 2007

Ladywood Ward Committee, Tues 20/03/2007

The next Ladywood Ward Committee will take place as follows:

  • 7pm, Tuesday 20th March 2007
  • The Boughton Hall, Ladywood Community & Health Centre, St. Vincent Street West, B16 8RP (

Topics will include:

  • Neighbourhood Policing in central Ladywood / Summerfield
  • Report from the Environmental Wardens
  • Televised report of the Ward Committee meeting on 10 February 2007 relating to the development of Icknield Port Loop

Download a poster for the meeting.

Hope to see you there!

UPDATE 14/03/2007: Agenda just published. You can read it here:


Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Hope it's a good meeting. Michelle

Anonymous said...

ezueuHey dr.michelle tempest do you live in Ladywood ward? As I have not seen you who are you.

Gareth said...

Do you know everyone in the ward then Mr Anon?

Anonymous said...

So by standing in Erdinton as a propective candidate makes you a know it all!

Gareth said...

It's 'Erdington' actually. And the 'g' is not silent. And it's 'prospective', again, the 's' is not silent. Although, technically, I am no longer a prospective (or even 'propective')
candidate, just the candidate.

Did your teachers never tell you anon., that answering a question with a question is terribly bad form?