Friday, December 01, 2006

My new leaflet

The new leaflet for the City Centre and Jewellery Quarter is going out now. In this leaflet, I concentrate on:

1. Postal voting. It can be far easier and more convenient to vote by post. Download the form!

2. City Centre park. The first new City Centre park for over a century is being planned, and the designers have been shortlisted.

3. Safety in the Jewellery Quarter. A network of cameras is going up, and the police are moving to a community policing approach.

4. Achievements since 2004, when the Conservative-led administration took over. Plans to double recycling, £127 million for affordable housing...

5. A short survey on issues affecting you. You can also do it online!

'But Pete, aren't you blogging tactical information, which could be useful to your opponents?' I don't care - bring it on! In fact, you can download my new leaflet here:


Anonymous said...

I'm very impressed with the photos on your leaflet. Who did them? Clearly somebody very talented...

Dwacon said...

Wow... I got one of those leaflets on my last visit to the UK in the 1980's... things haven't changed!