Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sticking my nose in

Today, I've been mainly sticking my nose in round Ladywood ward. Again. I had a mooch round Ladywood Middleway, Icknield Port Road and took what might be my final look at the Tower Ballroom before it gets pulled down! Here are a few things I found.

There's a road just off the Middleway that's littered with used condoms, as a result of the prostitution in the area. I really don't think that the residents of the ward should have to put up with this and we need to find a solution that's right for everyone.

Round the back of Tesco at Five Ways is not a pretty sight. There's all sorts of litter and cack - must be a haven for rats at night. Again, been neglected too long and needs to be put right.

Finally, I (just about) noticed some of the 'Quiet Please' signs in some residential parts of the city centre. They really are a joke - they're too small and there aren't enough of them. If it's worth having them, they need to be bigger and more numerous. Might not be a bad idea to reinforce them with a few adverts too - 'When you see a sign like this, button it!' Maybe the slogan needs a bit of work...

Look out for photos relating to all these issues in my forthcoming campaign leaflets!

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